Hpmc (vegetarian) Empty Capsule

Hpmc (vegetarian) Empty Capsule

CFDA: F20120001

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Vacant capsules from hypromellose is a derivative of the plant fiber. Its main components are composed of the plant cell wail and polysaccharide. Its molecule structure is very stable along with an excellent membrane formation. They are three important features as follows:'.

1: Safety. The hypromellose comes from the extractive of non-transgenic plant ,so commonly named vegetable capsules. The harmful residues is much more less than the vacant gelatin capsules. It has no protein and amino acid in itself. It is impossible to pollute again by Germs and it is no residues of Chlorine free alcohol, because the special manufacture technology.

2:Stability:The vacant capsules from hypromellose contains water between 5% to 7% ,up to 3% if special required. So it is fit to fill diverse contents and guarantee that there would be no crosslink reaction, because of its stable molecule structure .it is more fit to fill with the oxygen-sensative and quick free-settable medicaments, so that the contents become more safe and more thoroughly soluble ,giving more prominent therapeutic effect

3:Universality: the vacant capsules from hypromellose has low water content and stable molecule structure. It specially fits to fill with traditional Chinese medicaments. It is less restrictive on storage transportation, environment and region than the vacant gelatin capsules. It not only can meet the filling requirements of any contents ,but also it is no side effect to body, t is a new choice to the veggie and different religious believers.

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