Why some capsule taking precautions


Capsules are a common form of medicine in our daily lif […]

Capsules are a common form of medicine in our daily life. Most capsule shells are made with gelatin as the main ingredient. Presumably everyone has the experience of taking gelatin capsules during illness. Some people are used to cold water delivery, some people are used to hot water delivery, and some people directly swallow, in fact, taking gelatin is very particular.

Gelatin capsule taking precautions

1.Should not be taken apart when taking gelatin capsules

Some drugs have irritating effects on the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and may even cause burns. These drugs are encapsulated to protect the drug from damage and protect the esophagus and respiratory tract. Some capsules are enteric-coated capsules. The gelatin capsule shell can keep the drug into the intestine all the way, so that the drug component can avoid the decomposition of gastric acid and reach the intestinal tract safely. In addition, the gelatin capsule shell has a stable effect. . If the capsule shell is removed while taking gelatin capsules, the effect may be reduced and the side effects may be increased.

2.When taking gelatin capsules should not be swallowed directly
When taking gelatin capsules, if the swallow is swallowed, it may cause the gelatin of the capsule to absorb water and adhere to the esophagus. The local drug concentration is too high, which may damage the esophagus, thereby causing mucosal damage or even ulceration.

3.When taking gelatin capsules, it is not suitable for hot water delivery.

The gelatin capsule shell will absorb water and become soft in cold water, and will melt and dissolve quickly in hot water. If the drug is delivered with hot water, the capsule shell is easily destroyed and the drug inside is released in advance, which affects the effectiveness and safety. Therefore, gelatin capsule drugs are more suitable for cold water (not too ice) or warm water.