Why capsule can't you open it?


This dosage form not only masks the smell and bitternes […]

This dosage form not only masks the smell and bitterness of the enteric capsule, but also dissolves after entering the gastrointestinal tract, and the bioavailability is better than that of the general tablet. If the capsule is taken apart, the smell is specific, the child should not take it, and the dose is difficult to be accurate.

There are two kinds of capsules: ordinary capsules and sustained-release capsules. If the sustained-release capsules are broken, the structure will be destroyed and the sustained release can not be achieved.

The main purpose of making drugs into capsules is: one is to cover up the bitterness and odor of certain drugs; the other is to improve the stability of certain drugs, such as drugs that are unstable to light and heat, and the third is to reduce some Some drugs stimulate the stomach, such as aspirin enteric capsules.

Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, capsules can not be taken apart, and can not be crushed after being opened, especially enteric capsules and sustained release capsules!