Why can't peel off the capsule


For a long time, a small number of people have been abl […]

For a long time, a small number of people have been able to swallow capsules because they are "naturally born". They have always peeled off their capsules and took medicine. After the "secret of capsules" was exposed, this practice was said by others to be "previous." In this regard, Dr. Du Wenmin, director of the Shanghai Center for Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring, warned: “Capsules are a form of oral medication that can not be peeled off.”

If you look closely, you can still see the difference in their "materials". There are transparent films and dark thick films. The choice of what kind of "material" to be processed has been carefully scientifically demonstrated in order to control the release rate, location and duration of the drug in the capsule to exert the most effective and safe effect. Look at the drugs in the capsules, some are powders, some are made into small particles, which is also strictly demonstrated, to meet different release requirements.

For example, some medicines are spicy and will cause great irritation to the mouth and esophagus. Therefore, they should be covered with a coat, so that the powder can be released into the stomach with the capsule and then released. Some medicines will greatly affect the contact with gastric juice. The empty capsules effect needs to be disintegrated in the intestines, which is wrapped in a specially designed capsule that can resist gastric acid dissolution. It is said that "the relationship between capsules and capsules is not the relationship between dumplings and stuffing". Peel off the capsule and the effect will be greatly reduced.