What are the methods and procedures for making soft capsules


Soft capsule manufacturing methods are divided into two […]

Soft capsule manufacturing methods are divided into two methods: pressing method (molding method) and dropping method.

The steps of the suppression method:

The first step is to prepare a capsule glue. According to the formulation of the capsule material, the gelatin capsules is placed in distilled water to be immersed and expanded, and after the gelatin is dissolved, the other materials are added together, and the mixture is stirred and evenly mixed.

The second step is to make film. The prepared capsule material glue is taken out and coated on the surface of the flat plate to make the thickness uniform, and then heated at a temperature of about 90 ° C to evaporate the surface water to become a soft film having certain toughness and certain elasticity.

The third step is to suppress the soft capsule. In small batch production, it is manually pressed with a pressure pellet; in mass production, it is often produced by an automatic rotary rolling capsule.

Steps of the drop method:

The dropping method refers to a method of preparing a soft capsule by a drip machine. Pay attention to the formulation, viscosity, and density and temperature of all additives.