What are the advantages of plant capsules over gelatin capsules


Although the capsules look similar, there are actually […]

Although the capsules look similar, there are actually two different types of capsules: gelatin capsules and plant capsules (vegetarian capsules). So what are the advantages of plant capsules over gelatin capsules?

Gelatin capsules are made by boiling cow bones and pig skins, then obtaining a gel, and then cooling and processing. The remarkable effect of gelatin capsules is to improve the health of skin and joints. It is generally cheaper than plant capsules.

Because some medicaments are more irritating to the stomach and harmful, they do not cause any damage to the intestine. Therefore, enteric-coated capsules were developed, corresponding to gastric-coated capsules. Enteric-coated capsules generally treat gelatin capsules with anti-gastric acid treatment, and at the same time have no anti-solvent effect on the mixed digestive juice in the intestine. Enteric-coated capsules should be used when the drug needs to be dissolved and absorbed in the digestive tract (eg, small intestine). Enteric capsules are used in intestinal capsules (PB Assist Probiotic Defense Formula & GX Assist GI Cleansing Formula).

Although traditional gelatin capsules are also a good choice, for people with dietary preferences and restrictions, and religious beliefs, other alternatives are needed. This is a plant capsule.
Plant capsules, also known as vegetarian capsules, are capsules made from plant fibers. There are generally two types: starch capsules and HPMC capsules. Starch capsules are made from modified starches such as corn flour and tapioca, and purified water; HPMC capsules are generally made of hydroxypropyl methyl plant cellulose, which is taken from the bark of pine and cedar trees.

Plant empty capsules are HPMC capsules, free of animal ingredients, preservatives, SLS, gelatin, wheat, sugar, starch and dairy products. It dissolves quickly and completely in the stomach without disturbing digestion. These advantages of plant capsules are not available in gelatin capsules!