Type of capsules


There are usually hard and soft capsules. Hard capsules […]

There are usually hard and soft capsules. Hard capsules, also known as hollow capsules, consist of two parts of the cap; soft capsules are processed into a product at the same time as the film-forming material and contents. Hard capsules are based on raw materials, and capsules generally include:

Gelatin capsules

The capsule consists of two precision-processed capsule shells. Capsules come in a variety of sizes, including 000#, 00#, 0#--5#= capsules. The capsule portion has a tapered edge that smoothly encapsulates the capsule on a high speed filling machine. The double-locking loop system allows the capsules to be pre-mixed before filling, and the cartridges are fully nested together after filling.The capsule design also includes venting holes to avoid unnecessary air pressure inside the capsule during high-speed filling and cause bounce.

Plant capsule

Plant capsules are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides to meet the needs of all-natural positioning and capsule formulation solutions. The capsules can also be colored and printed to give a unique custom look. It retains the advantages of all standard hollow capsules: it is easy to take, effectively masks the taste and smell, the contents are transparent and visible, and it has the connotation of traditional gelatin capsules.