Three major mistakes in taking capsules


Misunderstanding 1.Use hot water to wash, so that the c […]

Misunderstanding 1.Use hot water to wash, so that the capsule skin will melt quickly, and the capsule skin will stick to the throat or esophagus. Even the detached capsule shell can break into the trachea and cause cough. Therefore, try to use cold water to wash, do not choose hot water or juice.

Misunderstanding 2.Sitting or lying down, some capsule drugs, such as capsules for the treatment of osteoporosis, etc., due to strong corrosive, if accidentally caught in the esophagus when taking, the release of chemicals will cause esophageal mucosa Burns. Therefore, be sure to stand and take it, do not lie down immediately after taking it. If you feel foreign matter in your throat, drink plenty of chilled milk as soon as possible to drink ice water.

Misunderstanding 3.Peeling and taking. Unless the patient has difficulty in taking capsule drugs, they should be taken apart. Generally, do not peel them off. In particular, sustained-release capsules and enteric-coated capsules must not be peeled off because the drugs are more irritating to the stomach. And not easy to be absorbed.

The correct way to take the empty capsule: first pour a cup of moderate temperature water, choose to stand or sit, first drink a bite of water to moisten the scorpion. Put the capsule in the mouth, then take a sip of water and swallow it directly. Remember to drink a few more mouthfuls of water after you have finished taking the medicine. This will allow the capsule to quickly enter the stomach, and the effectiveness and safety of the capsule will be guaranteed.