Three characteristics of plant capsules


I. Security: Because hypromellose is derived from non-G […]

I. Security:
Because hypromellose is derived from non-GMO plants, commonly known as plant-sourced hollow capsules, its harmful substances are much lower than traditional gelatin hollow capsules. It does not contain proteins and amino acids. In addition, the special production process makes bacteria very It is difficult to re-contaminate, and it is safer without the worry of residual chloroethanol.
Second, stability:
Hypromellose hollow capsules have a water content between 5% and 7%, and require a water content of up to 3%. They are suitable for filling various contents to ensure that they have no cross-linking reaction. The molecular structure is stable and more suitable for filling Oxygen-sensitive and immediate-release drugs make the contents safer, more completely dissolve, and the effect is more significant.
Third, universality:
Hypromellose hollow capsules have low water content and stable molecular structure, and are especially suitable for filling of traditional Chinese medicine preparations. The product has no harsh requirements for storage, transportation, environment, and region. Gelatin hollow capsules can meet the requirements of various contents. The human body has no side effects and also offers new options for vegetarians and people of different religions.