Three characteristics of plant capsules


First, security: Because hypromellose is derived from n […]

First, security:

Because hypromellose is derived from non-transgenic plants, commonly known as botanical source hollow capsules, its harmful substance residue is far lower than traditional gelatin hollow capsules, which itself does not contain protein and amino acids, plus special production and production processes, bacteria are very It is difficult to re-contaminate, and the worry of chlorine-free ethanol residue is safer.

Second, stability:

Hydroxypropyl ketone hollow capsules have a water content of 5%-7%, and particularly require a water content of 3%. It is suitable for filling various contents, ensuring that it has no cross-linking reaction, and is stable by sub-molecular structure, and is more suitable for filling. Oxygen-sensitive, immediate-release drugs make the contents safer, dissolve more thoroughly, and the effect is more remarkable.

Third, universality:

Hypromellose hollow capsules have low water content and stable molecular structure, and are especially suitable for the filling of traditional Chinese vegetable capsules preparations. The product has no harsh gelatin capsules for storage, transportation, environment and geographical requirements, and can meet various content requirements, because it is a plant fiber pair. The human body has no side effects and offers new options for vegetarianism and different religious believers.