There are several kinds of capsule shells. What are the ingredients


We often eat cold medicine can see a lot of capsule dru […]

We often eat cold medicine can see a lot of capsule drugs, drug ingredients wrapped in the capsule shell, along with the capsule shell to take water, many people do not understand what the use of capsule shell, capsule shell ingredients, eat the body is harmful, here is a brief introduction, the main capsule shell. Components of gelatin and glycerol, containing glycerol components of the shell is relatively soft and hard, and there are vegetable fiber components, regardless of which ingredients have no major loss to the body, can be safely eaten.

One is gelatin capsule shell, the other is starch capsule shell.

1. Gelatin capsule shell: mainly made of animal leather, 12 years ago there was a poisonous capsule incident, so we need to be cautious when buying;

2. Starch capsule shell: It is mainly made of plant starch, which is much safer than gelatin capsule shell.

Main Characteristics of Starch Capsule Shell

(1) 100% natural cassava starch

Starch capsules are made of 100% natural cassava starch and some purified water by special process without any chemical additives or preservatives.

(2) No animal-borne or infectious diseases

No animal-derived substances and no animal protein were added in the production to completely eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by mad cow disease and toxic capsules.

(3) Non-GMO

Starch used in production does not use genetically modified varieties, strict control of raw materials for production, and through international SGS non-genetically modified certification.

(4) No pesticide residues

The raw material cassava for production is imported from Cambodia, and no pesticides are used in the organic planting process. At the same time, advanced technology is used in the production process to further ensure that the products are free of pesticide residues.

(5) No residual carcinogens

Strict control of production conditions, no use of ethylene oxide to sterilize products, there will be no mission carcinogenic residues.

(6) Nursing the intestines and stomach

It is easy to burn the esophagus and gastric mucosa and cause ulceration when taking powder directly. Some powder is too irritating and easy to choke into the trachea, corrode the trachea mucosa. Using starch empty sac as carrier can protect the intestine and stomach.

(7) No cross-linking reaction with drugs

Starch is a kind of material with stable molecular structure. It will not cross-link with aldehydes or other compounds. It will prevent the internal substances from deteriorating and cross-linking because of capsules.

(8) Better utilization and absorption of drugs

Active ingredients in starch are more conducive to stimulate the activity of powder, facilitate human absorption, and increase the use efficiency of precious traditional Chinese medicines.

(9) Easy to be accepted by people with special cultures

The raw material of starch empty sac is pure starch, which is more in line with the dietary habits of people with special religious beliefs and vegetarians. The products are certified by European Vegetarian Association, Muslim Certification and Jewish KOSHER Certification.

(10) Easy to store and carry

Starch empty sac has low requirement for temperature and humidity, and can be stored and carried under normal conditions.