The difference between soft and hard capsules


With empty gelatin capsule special advantages, it has a […]

With empty gelatin capsule special advantages, it has an indispensable position in the scope of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The function and advantages of the hollow capsule shell, storage conditions are different, it has been proved by experiments that the hollow capsule shell is generally not brittle in low-humidity environment, does not form static electricity, and its properties are still stable under high-humidity environment.

It is no problem to store in most climate zones, and transportation is no problem.Hollow capsule manufacturers, no matter which kind of drug hollow capsule shell, should be the main ingredients for making capsules - pharmaceutical gelatin, edible gelatin and food coloring and other accessories. The function and advantages of the hollow capsule shell are blended into a liquid material, which is then compressed and finished in the finished molding die, and then repaired.

Cut the package

After the disintegration time limit of the capsule, the pharmaceutical company then puts a powder or liquid medicine into a hollow capsule shell like this to make a capsule medicine, and then wholesales it at the factory. The hollow capsule shell is basically double-locked, that is, after the capsule is produced, it is pre-mixed before filling the medicine, and all the medicines are locked together after filling the medicine.

Hollow capsule

The stability of the shell, the traditional gelatin capsule drugs currently on the market account for more than 95%, while the plant capsule drugs account for less than 5%. Hollow capsule shell where to buy some capsule shell manufacturers, want to reduce costs, replace the edible and pharmaceutical gelatin with industrial gelatin to produce pharmaceutical hollow capsule shells, these industries