Oral capsules are not a trick of the card


Capsules, including hard capsules, soft capsules, susta […]

Capsules, including hard capsules, soft capsules, sustained release capsules, controlled release capsules and enteric capsules, are a commonly used dosage form in clinical practice. In the case of oral capsules, sometimes the condition of the calyx is encountered, especially for some elderly people. So how do you take oral capsules?"Front forward method", the trick of swallowing capsules!

1.Before taking the medicine, first drink 50mL warm water to moisten the mouth;

2.Put the capsule in the middle of the tongue, take a sip of water, then tilt your head forward, bend your chin to your chest, and finally swallow the water and capsule together in this position.

3.After swallowing the capsule, drink 200mL of water to serve to reduce the risk of the drug sticking to the esophageal wall.


1.Do not use the "upward head method" when taking oral capsules. Because capsules are lighter than water, they may float on the water when they are looking up, and may cause coughing when swallowed.

2.Unless otherwise specified, the capsules should be sealed and stored. The storage environment temperature is not higher than 30 °C, and the humidity should be suitable to prevent moisture, mold and deterioration.