Market development trend of plant capsules 3


At the beginning of 2000, the United States invented pl […]

At the beginning of 2000, the United States invented plant capsules, and its sales price has dropped from the original 10,000 yuan to more than 1,000 yuan. And in developed markets such as the United States and Europe, especially in recent years, the market share of plant capsules has risen to nearly 50%, growing at a rate of 30% per year. The rate of growth is very alarming, and plant capsule applications in developed countries are already a trend.
Looking at the Chinese market, the new production technology and the production standards of the plant hollow capsules produced by the new production technology are all in line with international advanced enterprises. In some indicators, it is superior to other enterprises at home and abroad. Especially in the market, the sales price has been as low as 300 yuan / 10,000.
At present, traditional capsule drugs occupy more than 90% of the Chinese market, while plant capsule drugs account for only 5% to 10%. For example, in the past five years, the market share of plant capsules can reach 20%, which is 60 billion pieces per year. The number and value are very considerable.
In summary, the plant hollow capsule has more and more irreplaceable advantages than the animal gelatin hollow capsule. The way in which plant capsules are artificially contaminated may be small. Therefore, replacing capsules with plant capsules is the fundamental way to solve the problem of capsule pollution. It has been paid more and more attention in foreign developed countries and is gradually being used in various products in the pharmaceutical industry, health care products industry and food industry. It can be seen that although the plant hollow capsule can not completely replace the gelatin capsule, it must be an important substitute for the animal gelatin hollow capsule.
However, due to the particularity of the pharmaceutical production industry, it is a key national regulatory industry. According to past experience, it is difficult for innovative products to obtain the approval of the National Drug Administration (F) of the State Food and Drug Administration. It is estimated that more than five years after the production is required, which means a new pharmaceutical manufacturer. A serious loss of more than 5 years.
Experts believe that the government should not only give support to scientific and technological innovation, but the competent authorities should also pay more attention to innovative products. To completely solve the safety problem of medicinal capsules, it is necessary for the state to provide policy support in the production and use of plant capsules. It is also necessary for pharmaceutical companies with responsibility to adopt plant capsules, and to encourage patients to pay attention to the use of pharmaceutical capsules.
 The industry believes that after obtaining the approval of the Chinese medicine standard (F), increasing investment and large-scale industrialization will inevitably reduce costs, narrow the price gap with traditional gelatin capsules, and even equal the price of gelatin capsules, which will definitely increase the market. The share of the market, even replacing the current market position of gelatin is entirely possible. At that time, it will bring huge market benefits.