Market development trend of plant capsules


Concord's famous capsule production plant in the United […]

Concord's famous capsule production plant in the United States is the world's leading producer and researcher of "plant capsules", especially in the application of plant capsules in nutraceuticals. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce medicinal plant hollow capsules and traditional animal gelatin. Comparison of hollow capsules:
1. Plant hollow capsule is an environment that is environmentally friendly. It is well known that the production and extraction of animal gelatin is made from the skin and bone of animals as a raw material, which is fermented by chemical reaction, and a large amount of chemical components are added in the process. Everyone who has been to the gelatin factory knows that it produces a lot of odor during the planting process and uses a lot of water resources to cause serious pollution to the air and water environment. In western developed countries, many gelatin manufacturers have moved their factories to third world countries due to the regulation of the state to reduce pollution to their environment.
 The extraction of vegetable gum is a physical extraction method. It is extracted from marine and terrestrial plants, and does not produce a rotten stench. It also greatly reduces the amount of water used and reduces environmental pollution. In the production process of capsules, plant capsules do not add any harmful substances and have no environmental pollution. Gelatin has a low waste recycling rate and generates a large number of sources of pollution when the waste is disposed of. Therefore, plant capsule manufacturers can be called "zero emission" enterprises.
2. Stability of raw materials for plant hollow capsules The raw materials for the production of gelatin come from different animal bodies such as pigs, cows and sheep. In recent years, mad cow disease, bird flu, blue ear disease, foot-and-mouth disease and so on are all derived from animals. When retrospective investigation of drugs is required, it is often difficult to track when considering capsule raw materials. The plant gum is derived from natural plants and can solve the above problems better.
The US FDA issued guidelines earlier, hoping that in the US market, the market share of plant hollow capsules will reach 80% in the US market. One of the main reasons is the above problems. Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly pressed the supply of hollow capsules because of cost problems. However, in order to gain a foothold in a difficult living environment, hollow capsules can only use conscience and use cheap gelatin. According to the investigation of China Gelatin Association, the current market price of regular medicinal gelatin is about 50,000 yuan/ton, while the price of blue peony rubber is only 15,000 yuan - 20,000 yuan / ton. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers are driven by the interests of blue-tanned rubber (formed gelatin processed from old leather shoes, etc.) that can only be used in industry as edible or medicinal gelatin. The result of such a vicious circle is that the health of ordinary people is difficult to guarantee.