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Plant hollow capsules have lower heavy metals According […]

Plant hollow capsules have lower heavy metals According to national standards, animal gelatin hollow capsules can not exceed 50ppm of heavy metals, and most qualified gelatin capsules have heavy metals of 40 – 50ppm. Plus a lot of unqualified products, heavy metals far exceed the standard. In particular, the "poison capsule" incident that occurred in recent years was caused by the excessive "chromium" of heavy metals.
  The heavy metal of the plant capsule is 10 ppm lower, and the visible plant capsule is obviously superior to the animal gelatin capsule.
 Plant hollow capsules can inhibit bacterial growth The main raw material of animal gelatin hollow capsules is collagen. In general, collagen is a bacterial culture agent, which helps bacteria to multiply. If the treatment is not done properly, the number of bacteria will exceed the standard and it will multiply.
 The main raw material of plant hollow capsules is plant fiber, which not only does not multiply bacteria, but also inhibits bacterial growth. Tests have shown that plant hollow capsules can be kept in the general environment for a long time, and the number of microorganisms can be kept within the national standard.
Plant hollow capsules have a loose filling environment and reduce the production cost. Animal gelatin hollow capsules have high requirements on the temperature and humidity of the environment when filling the contents with a fully automatic filling machine. If the temperature and humidity are too high, the capsule will be soft and deformed; if the temperature and humidity are too low, the capsule will be hardened and friable; this will greatly affect the qualification rate of the capsule. Therefore, the working environment should be maintained at around 20-24 °C and the humidity should be maintained at 45-55%.
Plant hollow capsules require a relatively relaxed working environment for filling contents. The temperature is between 15 – 30 ° C and the humidity is between 35 – 65%, which can maintain a good qualification rate. Whether it is the requirements of the working environment or the qualification rate of the machine, the cost of use can be reduced.
 Plant hollow capsules are suitable for consumers of different ethnic groups. Animal gelatin hollow capsules use the animal's bone skin as the main raw material, which is resisted by Muslims, Judaism and vegetarians. The plant hollow capsule is made of pure natural plant fiber and is suitable for any ethnic group.
According to statistics, there are about 1.6 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus and Jews, and growing vegetarians around the world. These groups tend to use plant capsules because of their religious beliefs or because of their living habits.
 Plant hollow capsule products have higher value-added. Although the market price of plant hollow capsules is slightly higher, it has more outstanding advantages than animal gelatin hollow capsules. The use of high-grade medicines and health care products has significantly improved the quality of the products and contributed to the health of consumers. It is especially suitable for anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs, traditional Chinese medicines and high-end health care products, so that the products have higher value-added and competition. force.
Capsules are the main dosage form for both pharmaceutical and health care products. However, 50% of the health care products registered in more than 10,000 countries are capsules. China produces more than 200 billion capsules a year, and so far it is a gelatin capsule.
In recent years, the "Poison Capsule" incident has exposed many problems of traditional gelatin capsules, and has also exposed many unhealthy insiders in the capsule industry. Plant hollow capsules are an important achievement to solve the above problems. The multi-production workshop of plant hollow capsules, the high requirements of multi-production process, and the source of raw materials used are all single plant fibers, which can effectively prevent the low-input, low-cost, low-tech small enterprises from joining, and effectively prevent it. Low cost, unqualified, and harmful gelatin become the main material of the capsule.