Market development trend of plant capsules 2


1. The risk of gel-free reaction of plant hollow capsul […]

1. The risk of gel-free reaction of plant hollow capsules Plant hollow capsules have strong inertness and are not easy to cross-link with aldehyde-containing drugs. The main component of gelatin capsules is collagen, which is easy to cross-link with amino acids and aldehyde-containing drugs, resulting in prolonged disintegration of capsules and reduced dissolution.
2. Low water content of plant hollow capsules The water content of gelatin hollow capsules is between 12.5 and 17.5%. High-water content gelatin capsules tend to absorb water from the contents or absorb moisture from the contents, making the capsules soft or brittle, affecting the drug itself.
 The water content of the plant hollow capsule is controlled between 5 and 8%, which is difficult to react with the contents, and can maintain good physical properties such as toughness for contents of different properties.
3. Plant hollow capsules are easy to store and reduce the storage cost of enterprises. Gelatin hollow capsules have strict requirements on storage conditions and need to be stored and transported at a relatively constant temperature. When the temperature is high or the humidity is high, it is easy to soften and deform. When the temperature is low or the humidity is low, it is easy to be brittle and lose water and harden. Plant hollow capsules have looser conditions. Between 10 - 40 ° C and humidity between 35 - 65%, it will not soften or harden and become brittle. Experiments have shown that under the condition of humidity of 35%, the crushing rate of plant capsules is ≤ 2%, and when the temperature is 80 °C, the capsule changes by ≤ 1%. More relaxed storage requirements can reduce storage costs for enterprises
4. Plant hollow capsule can be isolated from the outside air. The main component of gelatin hollow capsule is collagen. The nature of the raw material determines its permeability, making the content susceptible to moisture and microorganisms in the air. .
The raw material nature of the plant hollow capsule determines that it can effectively isolate the contents from the air and avoid adverse effects with the air.
 5. Stability of plant hollow capsules The effective period of gelatin hollow capsules is generally about 18 months. The storage period before use is added to make the capsules have a shorter shelf life, which often directly affects the shelf life of the drugs. Plant hollow capsules are generally valid for 36 months, significantly increasing the shelf life of the product.
6. Plant hollow capsules without preservatives and other residual gelatin hollow capsules in the production to prevent the growth of microorganisms will add preservatives such as methyl paraben, if the amount added exceeds a certain range, may eventually affect the arsenic content Exceeded the standard. At the same time, the gelatin hollow capsules should be sterilized after the production is completed. At present, almost all the gelatin capsules are sterilized by ethylene oxide, and there will be residual chlorohydrin in the capsule after the ethylene oxide sterilization. The residual ethyl chloride is prohibited in foreign countries.