How to identify the quality of the capsule shell


How to identify the quality of the capsule shell, such […]

How to identify the quality of the capsule shell, such as in the convenience of food, the "four packs" in the instant noodles, that is, the sauce package, the oil package, the vegetable package and the seasoning package are changed into starch empty bags, and the water can be brewed. Melted, and can be eaten directly, corresponding nutrition, safety, and convenient for environmental protection.

Starch empty capsules can be added with corresponding nutrient powder, spicy spices, freeze-dried sauerkraut, etc., so as to increase the added value and portability of the food in the use process, and reduce pollution. "Now some kitchen ingredients, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, etc., are very inconvenient to use and inseparable. If you put them in the empty bag of starch, you can use a few starch empty bags with your hands. It is very convenient.

In the international pharmaceutical capsule industry, with the good biocompatibility and physical and chemical properties, the important position of gelatin as a capsule ingredient has been unshakable for centuries.

But gelatin capsules also have some defects: it is easy to produce cross-linking (chemical bonding and molecular Linkage) reaction, risk of transmitting virus, heavy metals, preservatives and bacteriostatic agents are easy to exceed the standard. How to identify the quality of capsule shells, now, plant capsules represented by starch capsules have become the hot spot and development trend of the capsule industry.Plant starch capsules set off the "capsule revolution"