How to identify fake drugs


The public must identify the drugs in detail when purch […]

The public must identify the drugs in detail when purchasing the vegetable capsules. We must look at the fake drugs. So, how do you identify counterfeit drugs? What should citizens pay attention to when purchasing and using drugs?

1. Look at the label: To buy the whole bottle or the whole box of medicines, you must first check whether the labels are printed properly and whether the items are complete. The drug must be marked with the approval of the provincial health administrative department in the area where the drug factory is located.

2. Chemicals, western medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, medicinal liquors, etc. must have registered trademarks approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Trademarks and approval numbers are of the utmost importance and can be considered counterfeit if they are not or are not printed.

3. The package should have the name of the drug indicated by Chinese characters in Latin, as well as the words such as drug content, capacity, use, usage, dosage, contraindications or precautions, storage methods and production batch number. If you do not have the above three points, you should suspect that it is a counterfeit drug. You must ask the local drug inspection department for identification before deciding whether it can be applied.

4. Look at medicines: no matter needles, tablets, pills, powders and water, tinctures and medicinal materials, any mold, deliquescence, agglomeration or odor or odor; if the color of the tablets is inconsistent, it can be regarded as inferior medicine. The expiration date is printed on the label, and any medicine that exceeds the expiration date can also be regarded as a bad medicine.

Herbal medicines have a wide variety of traits and different traits. They must be authenticated by personnel with certain pharmacy expertise to identify true and false. Therefore, do not take medicines in the market. Don't be convinced that the "business license" will be hanged, and the "ancestral secret recipe" will be used as a signboard, that is, the "travel doctor" who is doing the Weng opera and selling drugs will boast so as to avoid adverse consequences.