How to eat capsules does not hurt the stomach


Lie down immediately after serving. Some patients with […]

Lie down immediately after serving. Some patients with weak constitutions like to lie down immediately after eating enteric capsule . As everyone knows, this will increase the risk of the capsule staying in the esophagus, which will speed up the release of the drug. If the drug is strongly irritating to the esophagus and stomach, it may cause damage to the esophagus and even the stomach.

The water temperature is too hot. When taking the medicine, a cup of hot water is very intimate, but it may cause the capsule to hurt the stomach. In general, when the capsule is delivered with hot water, the gelatin shell tends to soften and stick to the esophagus, causing damage. If the softened capsule reaches the stomach, rapid cleavage releases a drug that is more irritating to the stomach, which may exacerbate stomach discomfort.

Capsules should be served with warm water, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 °C, especially for some live bacteria preparations. If the water temperature is too high, the live bacteria will be inactivated. In addition, some patients will swallow capsules because they have no water around them, which also increases the risk of the capsule sticking in the esophagus, or premature release of the drug, damage to the esophagus or stomach. Generally, before taking the capsule, you should first drink about 50 ml of water to lubricate the esophagus, and then take it with 200 ml of warm water.

The dosage and course of treatment are not suitable. In some patients with stomach problems, the local gastric mucosal barrier has been damaged, and the gelatin produced by the decomposition of the capsule in the body will aggravate the stimulation of the gastric mucosa, thereby increasing the discomfort of the stomach. Therefore, before using this medicine, it is best to consult a doctor and a pharmacist to take the capsule in a short time, in a small dose, and reasonably safely, so as to minimize discomfort.