How to distinguish plant capsules from gelatin capsules


Plant capsules are hollow gums made from plant cellulos […]

Plant capsules are hollow gums made from plant cellulose. Botanical capsules retain the advantages of traditional gelatin capsules: they are convenient to take, they can mask the taste and odor, and the contents are transparent and visible. In addition, compared with gelatin capsules, the plant capsules have a tight molecular structure, strong airtightness, and are not easy to breathe, which can prevent the oxidation reaction of medicine and air from touching; it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it does not need to increase carcinogens such as ethylene oxide or irradiate. bacteria. The plant capsules are made entirely of plant ingredients, which are harmless to the body, together with nutrients, they are also effective for diabetes and hypertension. As a new technology, the production of plant capsules uses world-wide standards. Here are two simple ways to distinguish plant capsules from gelatin capsules:
First, things / materials
Method 1: water cup, about 1L of room temperature water
Method two: lighter, tweezers, asbestos paper
Methods / Processes
1. Investigate the dissolution of cold water:
The two capsules were placed in cold water at 25 degrees Celsius, and the gelatin capsules gradually expanded and did not dissolve; the plant capsules gradually dissolved.
2. Investigate the incineration phenomenon:
The two capsules were separated and burned. The plant capsules smelled of cotton, and the gelatin capsules smelled of protein (similar to the smell of hair).
Third, matters needing attention
During the incineration method, please do not touch it with your hands. Pay attention to protect your eyes and skin to avoid splashing Mars.