How is the sustained release of the drug achieved


Oral pills mainly have two types of sustained release t […]

Oral pills mainly have two types of sustained release technology, one is sustained release of the membrane, and the other is that the sustained release of the skeleton sustained release membrane is equivalent to building a house to lock the drugs, leaving only a small door to let them slowly come out. Slow release of the skeleton is equivalent to entanglement of the drug with a cloud of water, so that they can only be slowly released.

There are many specific techniques, and the sustained release of the membrane will use some insoluble polymer materials, and the framework material may be an insoluble, hydrophilic gel or a bioerodible material. The membrane material can naturally release some micropores by adjusting the components to release the drug, or can be punched by a laser or the like. In addition, the drug pellets can also be used to release the drug by blocking the release of the material, which may be a combination of coatings of different thicknesses or multiple coatings.

Sustained-release empty capsules use this principle. The pellets inside have different coatings, and the time for dissolving the drugs is different. Then, the release of several pellets with different speeds of releasing the drug is relatively stable. simply put:

That is, the drug will not be released immediately in the body, it will be gradually released, and the body will continue to be absorbed with the release of the drug, so that the blood drug concentration will not become too high, and keep the drug into the body.Reduce the trouble of taking medicine, keep the blood concentration stable, and can reduce the side effects of drugs.