Three common mistakes in eating capsule drugs! Each one may hurt the stomach


There is a drug called capsule medicine. This kind of m […]

There is a drug called capsule medicine. This kind of medicine is usually irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, has a bad taste, and is easy to evaporate; when it comes to the mouth, it encounters saliva and is easily decomposed by salivary amylase; they are powders, fine particles, Without capsules, medications are difficult to inhale into the trachea.

Many people think that eating capsule medicine is no different from eating other drugs, and unknowingly made the following three mistakes:

Wrong medication pose 1: hot water delivery capsule medicine

The loaded capsule is a water-soluble gelatin. When the hot water is over 40°C, the capsule dissolves quickly. The drug inside is released in advance and the drug sticks to the esophagus, which may cause damage to the esophagus. The live bacteria contained in the drug will be inactivated and fail at high water temperatures.

Correct practice: warm white water delivery, take a few mouthfuls of water to moisturize the esophagus before taking medicine, and then take the capsule medicine into the mouth, swallow it, and then drink a large saliva to rush the capsule into the stomach.

Incorrect medication posture II: After drinking water, he replied

Many people are accustomed to sitting and drinking water after they take pills, and they use their actions to push the tablets into the esophagus. If you take capsules, you still do so. It can cause water to drink in minutes, and the capsules stick to the eyes of the scorpion, which can easily cause coughing.

Correct practice: stand to eat capsules and swallow. If you sit and take medicine, be sure to sit upright and prevent the capsule from sticking to the esophagus. Do not lie down immediately after taking the medicine. It is best to stand or sit for 1 minute to help the medicine pass through the esophagus into the stomach. However, with the exception of soft capsules such as cod liver oil, it is still a method of taking pills.

Incorrect medication pose 3: Peel off capsules and take medication

Since the "toxic capsule" incident, everyone has been worried about capsule medicine. Medication is already a three-point poison. If the capsule is toxic, will it be poisoned? The capsule itself has no curative effect. Some people simply remove the capsule and swallow the powder directly.

Correct practice: Norfloxacin capsules, cephalexin capsules, and other common capsules can generally be taken apart. However, slow-release capsules and enteric-coated capsules must not be stripped. Sustained-release capsules are used to slowly release drugs, delay the release, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs in the body, so that the level of blood drugs is stable, and stripping and taking it will destroy the slow-release function, greatly reducing drug efficacy. . Enteric-coated capsules dissolve and absorb only in the intestinal fluids, and do not dissolve in the gastric juices. The capsules are peeled off and the drugs are released in advance. The efficacy will be discounted, and the esophagus and stomach may also be damaged.