Capsule medicine can not be "skinned" to eat


In fact, people who think like this don't understand th […]

In fact, people who think like this don't understand the role of capsules in medicine.There are many functions of capsules. One is that it can be tasteless, some unpleasant, bitter, and difficult to swallow and nausea. The capsule can isolate the unpleasant taste of the drug, help to swallow, and prevent inhalation of the trachea. Eat, protect the respiratory tract, esophagus.

The second is to prevent the drug from stimulating the human stomach. Many "enteric-soluble" drugs are packed into capsules to prevent irritation to the stomach because the stomach is acidic and the intestines are alkaline. Some drugs need to be alkaline. Intestinal dissolution absorption.

At this time, the capsule plays a certain protective role and protects the drug from being damaged by gastric acid. Third, some capsules are slow-release capsules, which can prolong the release time of the drug ingredients and make the drug more stable. With the outer protective shell, the drug can be smoothly delivered to the intestines.

Remove the capsule: it is possible to get a stomach ulcer

As can be seen from the role of the capsule, it is not only convenient for people to take, but also has a lot of effects. Therefore, if people strip them apart, there will be many negative effects.Capsule peeling is very undesirable, which is not conducive to the absorption of the drug. Some enteric capsules need to be released in the intestines, so that the drug can be better.

However, if you directly eat the medicine inside, the drug will suddenly release, and the concentration of the absorbed drug will decrease, which will reduce the drug effect. In addition, peeling off without taking capsules is likely to cause damage to the stomach. If the alkaline drug is peeled off and directly enters the stomach, it may destroy stomach acid and cause stomach trouble.