Automatic capsule filling machine into the "new favorite" of the pharmaceutical industry


Market demand is the driving force behind the productio […]

Market demand is the driving force behind the production of enterprises. In recent years, in order to meet the diversified requirements of modern commodity packaging, a variety of packaging machinery and equipment have emerged in the country. In the pharmaceutical industry, a filling machine is a packaging machine that loads a precise quantity of package into various containers.
It is understood that in the pharmaceutical industry in the early years, the market is mainly based on semi-automatic capsule filling machines. The semi-automatic capsule filling machine is repeatedly improved on the basis of the traditional capsule filling machine, which improves the frequency and amplitude of the vibrator and the arc of the alignment guide plate, so that the arrangement speed is faster and the automatic arrangement success rate is higher. And the fuselage is made of stainless steel material, in line with GMP standards. Suitable for small and medium-sized production of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, hospitals and clinics.
With the development of the national pharmaceutical industry and the continuous improvement of industry requirements, semi-automatic capsule filling machines can no longer meet the high production needs of contemporary pharmaceutical companies. Driven by the ever-changing market demand, China has developed a fully automatic capsule filling machine to fill the gap in the field.
The automatic capsule filling machine is a combination of machine, electricity and gas. It adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, equipped with electronic automatic counting device. The machine is sensitive in action, accurate filling dose, novel structure and beautiful appearance. It is easy to operate and can automatically complete the action of in place, separation, filling and locking of the capsule, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency and meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. Suitable for filling a variety of domestic or imported capsules. It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.
It is reported that at present, China's automatic capsule filling machine has its own advantages compared with foreign automatic capsule filling machines, and its applicable varieties are also different, and the advantages of domestic capsule filling machine are also obvious, such as low price, low maintenance cost and after-sales service. Convenient, but because China's automatic capsule filling machine started late, lack of mature technology and research and development efforts, mainly based on imitation of foreign mechanical equipment, there are defects in processing precision, noise, and poor stability.
In recent years, China's science and technology and national GMP standards have been continuously improved. At the same time, the pharmaceutical machinery industry is also developing. China's automatic capsule filling machine has broad market prospects. Pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should continue to crack down on defects in the status quo of machinery, increase research and development efforts, introduce advanced foreign technology, and realize high-quality, high-quality machinery and equipment one by one to promote better pharmaceutical industry in China. Have to develop.
The author understands that Ruian Kaixinlong Pharmaceutical Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most complete specifications of the national automatic capsule filling machine products, among which NJP-200, NJP-400 and NJP-500 closed automatic capsules The filling machine is the first model in China. Based on the accumulated experience, the NJP-2000 automatic capsule filling machine developed by the company is widely sought after by pharmaceutical companies.
According to reports, NJP-2000 automatic capsule filling machine is designed on the basis of NJP-1200 automatic capsule filling machine to meet the needs of mass production. The original Japanese linear bearing is used to better ensure the accuracy and service life of the equipment. It has the characteristics of sensitive action, accurate filling dose and convenient operation. It can automatically complete the action of in place, separation, filling and locking of the capsule, effectively reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.