Are there any side effects of taking plant capsules for a long time


Plant capsules have long been used as a kind of medicin […]

Plant capsules have long been used as a kind of medicine hollow capsules, and have been widely used in the production and processing of medicines. The medicinal plant hollow capsules have a significant effect on alleviating various symptoms of patients and can improve the quality of life of patients. Although plant capsules are widely used and have a high degree of safety, it is often asked whether there are side effects of long-term use of plant capsules?

Plant capsules (also known as halal capsules) are hollow capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides. The cellulose is 2-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Generally, linters or wood pulp are used as raw materials. , Made by etherification. For example, carrageenan, pectin, agar, sodium alginate and guar gum are all extracted from plants, and some of their characteristics are the same as animal gelatin.

The raw materials of vegetable capsules are relatively rich, such as carrageenan starch, malt extract, various cellulose, alginate, beeswax, etc., as well as some plasticizers such as glycerin, sorbitol, maltitol, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol and Water etc. From the perspective of the development process of gelatin, traditional capsules (animal capsules) have been developed since the 1930s, and the main packaging form of medicines has not been formed until today. The research on plant capsules has only been 20 years so far. As long as time is taken, after making breakthroughs in technology, equipment and raw materials, plant capsules will have a great effect. Because it not only has a wide range of uses, but also has better security.

Are there any side effects of long-term use of botanical capsules? The results of laboratory studies have confirmed that long-term regular use of botanical capsules often achieves twice the result with half the effort, but it should not be taken in large amounts without restraint, otherwise it is easy to cause abnormalities in the body. After 3 months of long-term use of Botanical Capsules, there are no obvious toxic and side effects. It can also be said that Botanical Capsules have better safety!