Analysis of plant capsule shell


In recent years, the world has begun to turn to the dev […]

In recent years, the world has begun to turn to the development of plant capsules. Due to the defects in performance and safety of gelatin capsules and short storage time, the “Poison Capsule” incident has exposed many problems of traditional gelatin capsules and exposed many unhealthy capsule industries.

Insider. Plant hollow capsules are an important achievement to solve the above problems. Therefore, the use of plant hollow capsule shells can eliminate the "crime capsule" incident from the root cause to the majority of the people to the crisis and negative impact on the capsule, improve drug safety, and meet the drug needs of different groups of people.

The plant hollow capsule shell has more and more irreplaceable advantages than the conventional gelatin hollow capsule shell. The path of artificial contamination of plant capsule shells may be small. Therefore, replacing the traditional capsule shell with plant capsule shell is the fundamental way to solve the problem of capsule pollution.

The safety of plant hollow capsule shells has obvious superiority and is in line with the industrial policy guidance of national drug safety. It not only avoids the shortcomings of traditional gelatin hollow capsule shells, but also provides a perfect choice for the majority of religious believers and vegetarians. This product has a good application prospect and is worthy of promotion and application by the state.

Plant capsule shell
At present, cellulose esters (such as hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, etc.), plant polysaccharides (such as seaweed polysaccharides, pullulan, alginic acid, carrageenan and agar) and plant starches have been formed internationally. A new type of vegetarian capsule product of three different raw materials represented by corn starch, potato starch and sweet potato starch.