Advantages and market prospects of plant hollow capsules


Advantages and market prospects of plant hollow capsule […]

Advantages and market prospects of plant hollow capsules
The "poisonous capsule" incident that occurred in April last year caused the public to panic about all the medicines (food) in capsule preparations. How to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the safety of capsule medicines (food) has become an urgent issue for consideration. Recently, Professor Feng Guoping, former deputy director of the Drug Registration Department of the State Food and Drug Administration and vice president of the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, stated that it is difficult to completely cure heavy metal overruns caused by artificial incorporation of animal gelatin capsules or human pollution, and plant capsules The way of human pollution is likely to be small, so using plant capsules instead of animal capsules is the fundamental way to deal with capsule pollution, but the reality is that the cost of plant capsules is slightly higher.
With the continuous outbreak of infectious diseases of animal origin all over the world, the international community is increasingly concerned about the safety of animal products. Plant capsules have outstanding advantages over animal gelatin capsules in terms of applicability, safety, stability, and environmental protection.
A few years ago, plant hollow capsules have been present, and the proportion of plant capsules used in medicines and health products in prosperous countries has been increasing. The United States also requires that the market share of plant capsules reach more than 80% within a few years.