A major breakthrough in plant glue soft capsules - Dongfang Shenlu and Changzheng Tianmin realize high-speed stable production of starch glue


The use of vegetable gum raw materials, production tech […]

The use of vegetable gum raw materials, production technology, pelletizing equipment and molds for soft capsules has always been the focus of attention in the industry. In April 2019, it was entrusted by a foreign customer: “The starch gelatin capsules on the conventional 250 machine should be stable above 4.0 PRM. Production.” The soft capsule service platform team uses Beijing Oriental Gods plant glue patent multi-step mold, China Aerospace Beijing Long March Tianmin routine configuration of 250 models to achieve high-speed, stable production of starch plant glue health products 5.0PRM and cosmetics 4.0PRM . After years of technical precipitation, the R&D team carried out targeted research and analysis on the gelatinization process of starch vegetable gum, the reformation of the pelletizing equipment and the pelletizing mould for the current situation of the equipment of the production enterprise, at a lower cost and simpler. The method realizes the universal production of animal glue and starch vegetable gum, has small changes and simple operation, and is really considered by the production enterprise, which improves the efficiency and reduces the cost for the production enterprise.