Which capsule skin is safer


Safe capsule skin should have good bioavailability and […]

Safe capsule skin should have good bioavailability and dissolve quickly, reliably and safely. In recent years, vegetable capsules have been popular among consumers. Xiangerkang starch empty sac is an empty sac that can be filled with pure natural tapioca starch, edible glycerin and purified water imported from Cambodia. It can be used as a snack or as a food container. Its shape is the same as ordinary capsules, but it is essentially different from 90% of gelatin capsules made of animal skin and bone.

It is a purely plant-based, non-animal source developed after ten years of professional research. Safer capsules. In addition to being used as a protective drug, it can also be used as a carrier for daily health care powder, packaging for cooking condiments, and the like. Starch empty sac can improve the taste of taking the health powder, protect the stomach from drug stimulation, increase drug absorption rate and utilization rate.

Where is the capsule skin sold? Most ordinary consumers do not buy capsule skins separately, while some consumers who take Chinese medicine powder and health care powder want to buy capsule skin Chinese medicine powder, but they can't buy healthy and safe capsule skin.

Many times, when taking health care powder and Chinese medicine powder, it is bitter. Many people can't stand the bitter taste of Chinese medicine powder and health care powder, such as Sanqi powder, maca powder, gastrodia powder, bitter melon powder, Dendrobium powder and so on. Where are the capsules bought, is the gelatin capsule safe? Where can I buy healthy and safe capsules?

The raw materials of capsule skin commonly found on the market today mainly include gelatin capsules and plant capsules. Capsule skin is an oval hollow shell for holding solid powders and granules. In 2012, due to the outbreak of the “Poison Capsule Incident”, the safety of animal-derived gelatin capsules has been questioned by more and more people. In order to take the powder, especially the safety of traditional Chinese medicine health powder, where to buy safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, reliable capsule skin is more and more attention.