Talking about several tips of wholesale capsule skin


When many people have wholesale capsules, they have a q […]

When many people have wholesale capsules, they have a question in their hearts. The capsules that are seen in the market or on the Internet vary widely, and the quality is also good or bad. How to choose the capsule skin that you are satisfied with in the market? Nowadays, when the gelatin capsule shell is often plagued by the "poison capsule" event, and it is increasingly questioned by consumers, should the gelatin capsule shell be selected when the capsule shell is wholesaled?

Nowadays, according to relevant reports, with the constant awakening of consumers' awareness of health and environmental protection, the starch capsule shell made by plants is constantly recognized by people because of its green, environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free materials. Many capsule skin wholesalers are doing it. When wholesale, it also tends to choose plant starch.

Nowadays, many consumers are affected by the poison capsule incident. They may choose to remove the capsule to take the powder. Removing the capsule skin will result in drug loss, drug waste, and reduced drug efficacy. The drug is filled into the hollow capsule skin, which protects the digestive organs and the respiratory tract and protects the drug from damage. In addition, some drugs need to be dissolved and absorbed in the intestine, and the capsule skin can protect the drug from being damaged by gastric acid, which is a better effect of the drug.

Good medicine is no longer bitter, the terminator of the poison capsule, Xiangerkang starch empty capsule, 100% imported tapioca starch, safer plant capsule skin, natural, assured, healthy. The specifications of Xiangerkang Starch Capsules are No. 0, the capsules are about 20mm long, and the capacity is zero.67ml. Each capsule can hold about 0.6g of powder.