New measures for capsule skin inspection


The safety of the empty gelatin capsule shell is relate […]

The safety of the empty gelatin capsule shell is related to the national drug safety situation. The safety of the capsule shell is just like the source of the stream. If the source water flow is contaminated, the safety of food and medicine will be difficult to guarantee. Food for the people, the safety of food is essential for the food safety of ordinary consumers. Everyone knows that there are many food additives in many foods. There are many gelatin products in food additives.

What can be added to foods is edible gelatin. Hollow capsule No. 0 is the same as this, and can be added to a medicine, and the medicinal capsule shell is medicinal gelatin. The safety of medicinal capsule shells, like food additives, is critical to the safety of medicines. In the relevant laws of China, how is the relevant legal knowledge about capsule shells regulated? What can be used in medicinal capsule shells? What is the unique use of the Kangkang capsule? In the era of the poison capsules often exposed to the media, what new measures are inspecting the capsule shell? This will be the problem that this article will focus on.

The raw material gelatin used in the production of medicinal capsules is preferably medicinal gelatin, and the minimum requirement is to meet the standard of edible gelatin. However, in order to increase product profit and reduce related costs, many capsule shell manufacturers know that the raw materials used are industrial gelatin, but they use banned raw materials to process medicinal capsules; and pharmaceutical companies have not fulfilled their responsibility for drug raw materials, making these.

The green light of the capsule flows into the pharmaceutical factory and finally enters the consumer market. Relevant media have also reported "poison capsules". At present, the common practice of poison capsules is to collect leather scraps, to release hydrolyzed proteins, and to make gelatin, and the hydrolyzed protein itself is harmless to the human body, so that the capsules produced are heavy metal chromium exceeding the standard.

Seriously endangering human health.For capsule drug manufacturers: whether to purchase medicinal gelatin and medicinal hollow capsules from legal channels; whether it is conducted by supplier audit; whether the three capsule drug manufacturers are purchasing medicinal gelatin and drugs according to law After using the hollow capsules for the whole batch inspection, it is put into use, especially if the chromium content exceeds the standard.