Method of eating capsules


1. Some people like to use hot water to smear empty gel […]

1. Some people like to use hot water to smear empty gelatin capsule, but this will make the capsule dissolve quickly, and the capsule skin will stick easily in the throat or esophagus. Therefore, the capsule should be washed with cold water as much as possible. Do not choose hot water or juice.

2. It is not right to take a capsule while sitting or lying down. Some capsule drugs, such as capsules for the treatment of osteoporosis, are highly corrosive and can cause serious burns to the esophageal mucosa if they are accidentally stuck in the esophagus when taken. Therefore, be sure to stand and take it, and you can't lie down immediately after taking it.

3. Unless the patient has difficulty taking the capsule medicine, it can be peeled off, otherwise try not to peel it off, especially the sustained-release capsule and the enteric-coated capsule are absolutely inseparable. Because the drugs in them are more irritating to the stomach and are not easily absorbed.

4. If you feel foreign matter in your throat after taking it, this means that you don't have enough water when you take the medicine. Just add more water and you can let the capsules go smoothly. Otherwise, it will cause severe burning of the esophagus in the esophagus.

5.Take a cup of water between 100 and 200 ml, moderate temperature, the patient takes a standing position or a chest sitting posture, first drink a bite of water, moisten the throat and esophagus, then put the capsule into the mouth, then drink a bite of water, the capsule and Ingest the water together, do not over-head or raise your head, then drain the remaining water to ensure that the capsule is flushed into the stomach.